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 23 year old Anthony Caetano, is an endorsed multi instrumentalist and SOCAN artist, born and raised in Toronto Ontario, who was just recently endorsed by EMG pick ups, SIT String, Sinister Guitar Picks, And Rock Stock Pedals. At 15, he was already playing in multiple bands. Anthony has already opened for major touring acts such as, The Iron Maidens, LA Guns, Honeymoon Suite, Faster Pussycat, Lynch Mob, Killer Dwarfs, Moxy, and Ratt's Juan Croucier, to name a few.

Current/2022 on New Years Day Anthony and Social Strife released a brand new Single and official music video for the song which Anthony and Social Strife co-wrote together “Nobody Told You.” This gained such a great reaction towards the band that in the spring of 2022, Anthony and Social Strife signed an Europian and Asia distribution deal with Phoenix Records.

Currently Anthony and Social are touring a series of concerts in Canada with the preparation for the Social Strife album planned for release in the Fall of 2022.

2021 in winter of 2021, Social Strife begins to shop around their new songs, that they have recorded from the year prior. They are looking for a distribution deal that gains alot of interest, to help lauch the new album.

Anthony and Social Strife in July, release a lyric video for their song “Aliens & Freaks.”

With restrictions easing up in the summer months of 2021, Anthony and Social Strife decide that it is a good time to tour around Canada performing a series of concerts, to test out their new material. These were the songs they recorded from prior year.

2020 with lockdowns and restrictions seen around the world Anthony, takes the time to go to the Studio with Social Strife to record all his guitar tracks for their upcoming album.

2019 Anthony join's the band Social Strife as the guitarist in the band. Anthony and Social Strife complete a North American tour in the early winter months of 2019 Anthony also goes to the studio in the summer of 2019 to continue songwriting with Social Strife for an upcoming second album.


April 2018 Anthony became the newest member of the Sophia Radisch's band and is currently working with the Marshall Amps and Gibson guitars Endorse Sophia Radisch on her third album and will continue to tour with her.


January 2018 Anthony Traveled to California to attend NAMM as an artist

showcased by EMG pickups

June 2017 Anthony and Vinyl Ambush have had a video of their's go viral worldwide

- it went to such countries as: Japan, China, Russia, Brazil, Canada, USA, Argentina,

Germany, Portugal, and Spain, just to name a few. Vinyl Ambush was trending at

number 2 on readid and made the top 10 on Facebook. This video can be found on

Vinyl Ambush YouTube Channel. FOX News, NY Post, CBC and so much more

covered the story


December 2017 Anthony and Vinyl Ambush won a award for there original song

"Curiosity" the song was awarded for the most requested song of 2017 on

Kingston's Q108.


Anthony is also recording professional full length studio album with the band

Vinyl Ambush, that will be relesed eraly in 2019 with already record label



2016 Anthony was credited for song writting on Aliens Ashore first professional

full length studio album. This is the bands first full length album and Anthony

recorded all of the guitar tracks that are on the album.


Anthony also did Canadian headlining tours with the bands Vinyl Ambush and

Guided by Senses


In April of 2015, Anthony represented his high school in a guitar competition that

ran through out all of Ontario and won. The program was called "Music Not

Mischief." This program runs in public schools, in partnership with Carparelli

Guitars and the Community Police.


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